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Our critically acclaimed weight loss shakes have been created by our in-house nutrition experts to be the most cutting edge weight loss shakes available. Our weight loss shakes are a perfect, great tasting option to get the most out of your weight loss programme. The whole range is available in 3 different delicious flavours - Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

The formulas only contain the strongest and most effective active ingredients, making them some of the best diet shakes you can buy. Hundreds of hours of R&D went into creating our fat burning blends - we didn't stop until we had created something that we knew would deliver our customers the very best weight loss results. 

We have designed these products to help counter lingering fatigue, persistent food cravings and low energy.  All our weight loss shakes use our fast-thicken formula technology. This produces a filling effect upon consumption leaving users feeling full and hunger-craving free. All our shakes are suitable for both men and women and are produced in the UK. We have thousands of happy customers and many great reviews that we encourage you to check out!

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Burner Shake® is our most effective weight loss shake yet. It is full of active ingredients that help contribute to weight loss, suppress appetite and boost energy.

The Burner Shake® formula has been created by expert nutritionists - it contains all natural ingredients and is designed to thicken after mixing, making it a filling and easy way to lower your calorie intake without feeling the effects of hunger. In just one 129 calorie scoop, you can remain feeling full for hours. Burner Shake® is low in carbs and high in protein (24g per serving) making it the perfect supplement to target a leaner physique!

- Best when combined with Thermaxin® & Overpwr®

- All bundle packs come with free express shipping

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Our most effective and filling meal replacement shake yet.

From £26.99
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