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Our Fat Burners are expertly formulated by our in-house nutritionists to deliver the very best weight loss results to our customers. All our products are proudly produced in the UK to ISO9001 standard, making them some of the best fat burners you can buy. We only use the most effective ingredients in our products along with easy to swallow capsules.

Losing body fat can be difficult at the best of times. Even with a perfect diet and exercise people can still struggle with their weight. There are a number of reasons losing weight can be a slow process - be it having slow metabolism, an uncontrollable appetite or constant tiredness. Our Fat Burners are designed to support users in targeting a leaner physique by addressing the route causes that cause fatigue, lethargy and hunger.

When used as directed over a sustained period of time, our Fat Burners can assist users towards their fat loss goals. With thousands of happy customers, we know a thing or two about making successful fat burning products. With multiple products to choose from and numerous money-saving bundle packs, there has never been a better time to start your weight loss journey. Get free UK shipping on all orders over £45.

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Thermaxin® is our strongest and most advanced fat loss supplement created with 8 of the most potent active-ingredients available.

The condensed max strength formula only requires users to take two servings daily for it to be ultra effective, making it an easy and convenient weight management complex to stick to.

Suitable for both men and women, this research-backed product has been designed by expert nutritionists to help power you towards your weight loss goals.

- Best when combined with Burner Shake and Overpwr®

- All multi-packs come with free express shipping & CLA

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Turbo T5® is our max strength T5 fat loss supplement. The formula features 11 specially selected active ingredients to help drive you towards your target body weight.

Suitable for both men and women, this research-backed product has been designed by expert nutritionists to be one of our most hardcore fat burners.

- Best when combined with Burner Shake & Overpwr®

- All multi-packs come with free express shipping & CLA

From £28.99

MAX-CLA is our max strength CLA formula, designed to help assist users in targeting a leaner and healthier physique. The hardcore MAX-CLA formula has been created to be the strongest of its kind, packing a massive 1000mg of the highest quality conjugated Linoleic Acid into each softgel.

- Works great when used with Thermaxin (highly recommended)

From £14.99

Refuze® is our most advanced carbohydrate neutralising supplement designed for those who are ready to take their diet to the next level! This is effective weight management product should be in any dieters arsenal.

It features a max strength formula that only requires users to take one serving prior to a carb-heavy meal for it to be effective.

- Stacks great with Thermaxin or our Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle!

Bundles come with free shipping & MAX-CLA.

From £19.99

RaspberryTK Complex+ is our strongest and most advanced raspberry-based fat loss formulation. This powerful weight management product has been developed by expert nutritionists and is the perfect solution for anyone looking to target a leaner and meaner physique.

- Stacks great with Burner Shake and Overpwr

Save up to 30% on our multi-pack offers!

- Bundles come with free MAX-CLA.

From £19.99
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