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Our most effective and well-rounded weight loss solution.

It includes 4 of our best products that, when used together synergistically, produces hard-hitting fat loss results! This bundle is for those looking to get serious about their weight loss.

Bundle Contents:

• Turbo T5® - Fat Burner

• Overpwr® - Appetite Suppressant

• Burner Shake - Fat Burning Diet Shake

• MAX-CLA - 1000mg CLA Softgels

- This bundle comes with free shipping!

From £69.99

BULKUP Weight Gainer™ is an ultra high-calorie shake made with 100% premium ingredients. The formula is designed for rapid weight gain; Each serving contains a massive 714 calories and 54g of protein.

The cutting-edge formula has been created by expert nutritionists and contains a blend of the highest quality fast and slow-releasing proteins along with growth-supporting vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

BULKUP Gainer is a great-tasting, essential supplement for anyone looking to quickly add size to their frame.

- Premium calorie-dense formula

- Gain weight quickly and easily

- 4KG pouches come with free shipping!

From £19.99

Burner Shake® is our most effective weight loss shake yet. It is full of active ingredients that help contribute to weight loss, suppress appetite and boost energy.

The Burner Shake® formula has been created by expert nutritionists - it contains all natural ingredients and is designed to thicken after mixing, making it a filling and easy way to lower your calorie intake without feeling the effects of hunger. In just one 129 calorie scoop, you can remain feeling full for hours. Burner Shake® is low in carbs and high in protein (24g per serving) making it the perfect supplement to target a leaner physique!

- Best when combined with Thermaxin® & Overpwr®

- All bundle packs come with free express shipping

From £19.99

Our most effective and filling meal replacement shake yet.

From £26.99

MAX-CLA is our max strength CLA formula, designed to help assist users in targeting a leaner and healthier physique. The hardcore MAX-CLA formula has been created to be the strongest of its kind, packing a massive 1000mg of the highest quality conjugated Linoleic Acid into each softgel.

- Best when combined with Burner Shake and Overpwr®

- Get free shipping when you spend over £45

From £14.99

Overpwr® is our most cutting edge appetite reducing formula. The research backed product has been designed to be effective in just one easy-to-swallow capsule and only takes 5 to 10 minutes to take effect.

It works to quickly suppress hunger cravings, reduce fatigue and contribute to weight loss. 

Overpwr® is stimulant free meaning it can be used day or night. This product is 100% safe and suitable for both men and women.  

- Powerful, fast-acting appetite suppression as & when you need it

- Stacks great with Burner Shake and Thermaxin

- Multi-packs come with free express shipping & CLA

From £22.99

Ovrdrive® Appetite Enhancer is a supplement formulated to help naturally stimulate appetite and increase the desire to consume food. The formula contains 16 active ingredients and is an ideal supplement for anyone looking to gain weight by increasing their appetite levels.

Ovrdrive also helps support gut health and is designed to aid with rapid digestion, allowing you to eat more and up your daily calorie intake. 

- Effective appetite stimulant 

- Stacks great with our high calorie BULKUP Gainer Shake

- Get free shipping on orders over £45

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